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Precision Audio Solutions is a forward thinking live production company.

We believe in an immersive experience, that rush of adrenaline, the wow factor. Your ideas are our inspiration. But we don't just make magic, we make memories.

Clarity is everything.


Out of all the sound companies I have used, PAS are the best, they understand sound so well.

Phil Tree - Wizard

There are PA systems and there are sound engineers... and then there is Precision Audio Solutions. Number 1 for FOH mix quality, monitor mix quality, and attention to detail. At last - a company with enginEARS!

Toni Baker - The Dakotas

Precision Audio Solutions are the most efficient sound company I have ever worked with.

Jasper Carrott

PAS are the unsung heroes of the show, these guys are the best.

Bev Bevan - ELO, The Move, Black Sabbath

The stage sound was so good, it felt like we were in the studio.

Patti Russo

Precision Audio are the best sound company I've ever worked with, for the first time I can actually hear myself properly on stage.

Geoff Turton - The Rocking Berries

Precision Audio Solutions are an excellent company to work with. Very good equipment, with excellent engineers. Always on time and ready to accommodate whatever the artist requires.

Robert Pratt - Chimes International

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